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Top 1,000,000 sites on the web

Top 1,000,000 sites on the web, ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank.

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Get An Understanding Of How Search Engines Operate

A little insight into how search engines gather information from your N1ads Site and how they present in search results will help you achieve better rank. SEO is all about presenting right information to the query. N1ads SEO is no different. Read Art & Science of Search Engines,

Now the next question, does N1ads provide provisions for SEO ? Absolutely. You can easily add Page Titles, Descriptions for N1ads Pages. You can use Headings. Every N1ads Site gets an automatically generated Sitemap. Using the sitemap in Webmaster Tools gives you the ability to monitor and optimize your site.

More Back Links are Good. Quality Back Links is What Really Counts.

This is an an off-site optimization technique. But it is closely tied to the quality of content in your site. Your site gets referred by other sites only if there is significant value addition.

Back Links are places where your site has been mentioned by other websites. They are like endorsements. The more sites mention your site, the higher the value search engines assign your site.

Note that Quality of sites referring to your site is a key factor here. Referral from a poor site might not help you much. Search engines assign zero value to junk referrals. Watch when you think of link exchanges. A careless link exchange could do more harm than any good. Adding your site link in other's Blog Comments and Forums might not help with ranking because most Blogs deploy automatic "nofollow" to links in comments.

To get the real benefit from back links, ask your related or partnered sites if they could mention your site in a suitable post, which actually can boost your rank. Referrals from Well Known sites like sulogy, n1ads etc can make a huge difference with ranking. That is exactly the reason why people write guest posts for sulogy, impjobs etc.

If possible, write guest posts in Blogs related to your area of business. In most cases, writing to eZine articles etc may not be worth it any more. Those days are behind us. Don't believe it ? Try a Google Search for "N1ads SEO" or "N1ads " and see how many ezine articles show up in first five pages. ZERO. NONE. That should tell you some thing.

Find a popular site who is publishing information closer to your niche. Ex: If you are an interior designer, then writing a guest post in a popular Home Renovation portal will really help.

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